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The Everything Patent Guide

Updated: May 2

This is THE place to learn everything you need to know about how to effortlessly obtain patent protection for your idea

With this guide, you will achieve three important goals:

  1. Discover how patents can help your business by increasing your valuation and protecting your product/technology from competitors and copycats.

  2. Gather all necessary details about your invention, so when the time comes you’ll be ready to file a patent with a super simple process.

  3. Obtain an assessment about your idea/product, which helps you avoid patent pitfalls and increases your chance of successfully obtaining a patent.


Chapter 1 will give you a brief introduction on the basics of patents - What they are and why you need one.

Chapter 2 details the importance of timing - How and why you need to file now with the most accessible patent process.

Chapter 3 discusses the necessary requirements of a patent application - How to properly file a patent application guaranteed for success.

Chapter 4 focuses on the patent pitfalls - there are common mistakes made during filing, this chapter helps you avoid them.

Chapter 5 is your Idea Assessment - you’ll obtain a clear answer to your most important question: Are you ready to file for a patent?

Chapter 1

What is a Patent and Why You Need One

A patent is intellectual property that protects your invention or product from illegal use or reproduction by other companies.

There are three types of patents available by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Utility patents

Design patents

Plant patents

Although design and plant patents can be filed, the most common type of patent is utility, which protects all unique inventions.

What does protection really mean?

Protecting an invention or product with a patent means that other businesses or people may not make, sell, or use your product without your permission. If they do so, you will be able to file a lawsuit against them for patent infringement.

Why do you need a patent?

There are three main reasons why you need a patent:

  1. Protection - You’ll be able to protect your invention from your competitors and stop copycats.

  2. Market Dominance - You can use a patent to restrict competitors from your market. It’s an offensive and a defensive tool as well!

  3. Growth - A business that owns a patent(s) attains much higher valuation, will be more likely to receive funding, and has higher credibility and stability.

Overall, a patent will give your business the boost it needs to truly succeed! Patents also help your business increase your market share because you can block out, restrict, and control your competitors.

Business benefits of patents

Businesses and startups with patents reap many different benefits that will improve their market value, brand image, and overall provide sustainable growth and profits for their future. Not only that, but they receive significantly higher valuations and are more likely to receive funding from investors and show higher credibility and stability.


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